Pefkari is located in south-west of the isle and directly next to the village Potos. Pefkari got its name from the coastal pine forest which extravagently engulfs the sandy white beach and covers the surrounding area.

All along the coast are umbrella pines, who are very typical on the isle. Time after time Pefkari changed into a village for tourists.

The beach of Pefkari has been awarded a blue flag, which is a significant award representing cleanliness, organization and success of meeting certain operational and enforcement criteria. Learn more about the blue flag by visiting the Blue Flag Organization's website.

There is nothing that you will miss, staying in Pefkari. Serenity, entertainment, good food, water-sports and all types of services can be found in our small settlement. You can even conviniently walk to the two nearby villages, Potos and Limenaria, if you desire.

If you don`t want to miss some action and fun at the beach, so stay some days here. With the offer of activities for the beach, it won`t be boring.

If you want to avoid the noise of the big clubs but also be near them, Pefkari is a unique choice on the southern coast of Thassos.

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